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Upcoming Shows

Austin Kinney & Friends

Saturday October 27 - Austin, TX

Craft Pride 2 - 4pm

Saturday October 27 - Seguin, TX

Court Street Coffee House 6 - 9pm

Friday November 2 - San Marcos, TX

Patio Dolcetto 7 - 9pm

Thursday November 15 - San Marcos, TX

Aquabrew 6 - 8pm

Friday November 16 - San Marcos, TX

Patio Dolcetto 7 - 9pm

Sunday November 18 - San Marcos, TX

Sewell Park 9pm

Wednesday November 21 - Austin, TX

Carousel Lounge 7 - 9pm

Friday November 24 - San Marcos, TX

Tantra 8 - 10pm

Friday November 30 - San Marcos, TX

Patio Dolcetto 7 - 9pm

Thursday December 13 - San Marcos, TX

Aquabrew 8 - 10pm

Sunday December 16 - San Antonio, TX

Tony G's Soul Food 11am - 3pm

Rex Simmons Trio

Thursday October 25 - San Marcos, TX

Ivar River Pub 6 - 9pm

Thursday November 1 - San Marcos, TX

KIVA 10pm - 11pm


Sunday November 11 - Austin, TX

Montreal Afterparty Indoor Show

Saturday November 24 - Austin, TX


Thursday November 29 - Austin, TX

Stubbs 8pm


Austin Kinney (b. January 1, 1996) is an American drummer, booking agent and music promoter in San Marcos, TX.

Born and raised in McAllen TX, Kinney began playing piano at the age of 8 and picked up drums at age 10. With strong support from his family, Kinney began to study jazz at 13-years-old and continues to study the art form of jazz. Kinney's interest for jazz grew when he met world renowned drummer Peter Erskine at the Interlochen Fine Arts summer camp in 2010.

Kinney received a scholarship to study music education at A&M-Commerce University. After two years, he decided to move to San Marcos to share his music in the central Texas area. Kinney is currently studying public relations at Texas State University with a minor in music.

Kinney frequently performs in the San Marcos, San Antonio and Austin area with his current jazz group known as Austin Kinney & Friends, having Cris Carrera and Abel Alaniz on bass, Luis McDougal and Daniel Kerwood on guitar, Payton White and Dayne Reliford on keys. Another project Kinney is involved with is The Rex Simmons Trio, performing orginal music written by Rex Simmons along with jazz standards and a few pop covers.

Each member listens intuitively to each other and responds effectively with every sound that is being put out. Kinney makes sure to incorporate this philosophy with every group he performs with. The job is to compliment other muscians on stage and make sure they sound their absolute best. We're all on the same team and at the end of the day, we're having fun making excellent music.

Kinney strives to be a versatile muscian who can share his passion with raw musicians. There's a lot of other good music besides jazz, even though that's where the roots lie. It's about pushing boundaries and being slightly uncomfortable to where you're working with uncertainty, balancing on a tightrope. I'm on a search for sounds that feel good, sounds that create a memorable experience for the audience and myself.


Austin Kinney & Friends


Austin Kinney & Friends is a collective of jazz musicians who make fresh, enjoyable music. Vibing off each other's ability, this adaptable group performs jazz standards, Latin charts and orginal music that is easy listening for a wide range audience. This group has a massive sound that grooves and makes you feel some type of way.

Orginal members include bassist Cris Carrera attending school at San Fransico Jazz Conservatory and guitarist Luis McDougal attending Berklee School of Music in Boston. Saxophonist Ismael Chavez resides in McAllen TX, performing frequently in the valley, South Padre Island and San Marcos.

The Rex Simmons Trio


This is essentially Rex's project where he plays multiple keyboards creating a unique experience for the audience. Most of the tunes are compromised of Rex's original work and a few popular covers with a fresh twist such as The Weekend, Destiny's Child and Outkast.

The Cold Tony's


I joined this group in February 2017 and occaSionally perform with this group. Above you can listen to the mixes of what we've been working on. This group is more on the indie rock side spectrum with psychedelic effects from the guitar and tasteful jazz elements. We traveled and went on two tours sharing our music in Arizona, Oregon, Florida and Alabama. It was most certainly a great time and I'm forever grateful for the memories & music we created.



I joined this group back in February 2017 as well and no longer perform with this group. I was fortunate enough to record an album with this group and would consider the genre to be R&B/soul. We recored the album in three weeks in April and went on tour in August, sharing our music in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Neveda and Utah.



I hosted a house show September 1st and had the honor of having this band perform. The next day, frontman Jake Miles asked if I wanted to go on a month long tour with them. I asked when they were leaving and he told me "in two days." It took me about four seconds for me to decide that I was going to be drumming with this incridble group and I'm everso grateful that the chips fell were they did.



Blue Pill Podcast with Zach Blue

KTSW Other Side Drive - The Cold Tony's

Drum Lessons

I've spent more than half of my life studying and performing music. I am still refining my craft as I grow older and part of that is through teaching others.

I have experience as a percussion technician at a two-week band camp in Anna, TX in 2016. I worked with highschool students on their technique and show music. I've taught privately for a few years, teaching 5-year-olds all the way up to grandparents who have the desire to learn a new skill.

Just like anything, it takes practice. It'll require patience and diligence but can easily be attained. Music isn't hard, bricks are. Music just takes time.


Feel free to shoot me an email me at or we can connect through social media. Thanks for checking out my website and hope we can connect & make somethin happenin.